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 Resize and Upload Panasonic HDC-SD80 AVCHD video to YouTube

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PostSubject: Resize and Upload Panasonic HDC-SD80 AVCHD video to YouTube    Mon Mar 05, 2012 4:31 am

Resize and Upload Panasonic HDC-SD80 AVCHD video to YouTube

Panasonic’s High Definition HDC-SD80 camcorder features a 33.7mm wide-angle lens, 42x Intelligent Zoom, the newly developed Hybrid O.I.S, a 2.7” touch screen and iA (Intelligent Auto). This compact and stylish camcorder is perfect for anyone who is looking for an easy-to-operate model with superb image quality. As a full HD Camcorder with O.I.S, it records 1080p, 1080i AVCHD .mts and iFrame H.264 .mov video on an SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Card that can be plugged into card slot of a Panasonic VIERA TV, where you enjoy the high definition image instantly. But it is not convenient if you’d like to upload the HDC-SD80 HD shootings to YouTube, since YouTube has not added support to 1920 x 1080 AVCHD contents and the video will hang and get jagged.

A good solution here is compressing/encoding your video down from phenomenally high quality to just amazingly high quality for YouTube. Refer to the following guide for uploading Panasonic HDC-SD80 AVCHD video to YouTube via AVCHD Video to YouTube Converter.

Required Software: Pavtube MTS Converter ($29)

You can purchase the software or download a trial to make sure it works before making decision.

Step 1. Run the HDC-SD80 to YouTube Converter, drag and drop AVCHD .mts to the software.

Step 2. Click on “Format” bar and Choose “Common Video>>H.264 Video (*.mp4)” as output format.

Step 3. Click “Settings” and set audio and video parameters as it shows below:

Container Format: .mp4

Video Codec: H.264

Video Resolution: 854x480 for SD/ 1280x720 for 720p HD

Video Bitrate: 2,500 kbps for SD/5,000 kbps for 720p HD

Frame Rate: 24fps/30fps

Audio Codec: AAC-LC

Audio Bitrate: 128 kbps

Audio Channel: Stereo

Step 4. Click “Convert” to start converting Panasonic HDC-TM90 AVCHD content to YouTube-ready video. When conversion completes your click “Open” to find encoded video and upload the converted MP4 files to YouTube fast.


1. YouTube uses 16:9 aspect ratio players. If you are uploading a non-16:9 file, it will be pillar-boxed or letter-boxed. So do not burn-in letter boxing or pillar boxing into your video.

2. Content at 1080i 60, should be deinterlaced, going from 60 interlaced fields per second to 30 progressive frames per second before uploading. The way to deinterlace AVCHD during conversion: select the video, and choose “Edit” menu>> “Edit(E)” to open Editor window. Find “Deinterlacing” checkbox under “Effect” tab, and check it.

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Resize and Upload Panasonic HDC-SD80 AVCHD video to YouTube
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